What to Expect

It can be daunting to visit a new church.  We’d like you to feel comfortable knowing what to expect when you visit Faith Baptist Church.

We hope that you will find ours to be the friendliest church in the county when you join us.  Our pastor will be wearing a suit but that doesn’t mean that you have to.  Most folks will dress nicely but we’re not formal by any stretch.  You can be prepared to shake a lot of hands and will probably find someone who know you or your family if you’ve been in Wise County very long at all.

Sunday School

If you arrive a few minutes early before Sunday School starts, you’ll find folks fellowshipping over breakfast and coffee.  When its time for class to start (or maybe a few minutes after) we separate into our classes.  Right now we have three adult classes to choose from and two children’s classes.  Nursery is available if needed.

Our adult classes generally are seated around a table and you can expect some interaction and discussion.  We hope that you will find one of our classes will fit your needs.

We have a primary class (under 10 years old) and a secondary class (over 10).  Music, visuals, crafts, and a whole lot of fun await the kids each week.

Sunday Morning Service

We sing traditional hymns in our services with piano accompaniment.  And, boy, do we sing!  After a couple of congregational songs, our pastor welcomes everyone and makes a few announcements.  An offering is taken by passing offering plates and all giving is voluntary so please don’t feel like you have to put something in.  We take prayer requests from the congregations and lift those needs and situations to the Lord in prayer.    A final congregational song is sung before a special song, usually a soloist.  Our pastor then brings the sermon.  At the close of the sermon the congregation stands as a time for prayer and reflection.  Those who wish may pray at the altar or speak with someone concerning their spiritual needs.  We then close with a word of prayer and are generally dismissed before 12:00.

Wednesday Evening Service

On Wednesdays, things are more laid back than on Sunday. We will sing a few congregational songs before taking prayer requests.  After lifting those requests up in prayer, our pastor will lead a Bible study.